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Ten Free Educational Applications for Students


It wasn’t very long ago when smartphones were considered a source of distraction for students. Educators and parents tried every technique to save their kids from the impacts of screens. Nevertheless, most efforts were wasted. As the saying goes, every cloud has a silver lining. There is a productive side of mobile applications playing their influential role in learning and educating youngsters. Mobile applications turned smart devices into online classrooms where students learn and seek many new things. The applications also urge kids to love knowing by making their first step to education fun-filled and interactive. In addition to new and advanced learning management software programs, mobile apps are transforming the institutional landscape. Also, it vast the spectrum of learning.

Finest 10 Free Educational Application for Learners

1. EdX

edx featured for students

It’s a lifelong dream of many students to study in leading colleges like MIT, UPenn, Harvard, or Columbia, etc. They also know that it is not easy to get into these universities at all. Well, if you got this App on your phone, nothing will stop you from attaining those dreams. It brings these universities to your fingertips.

You can discover everything imaginable on this App. There are more than 2000 courses of top colleges in computer technology, business research studies, linguistics, engineering, and many more. The specialist certifications and university credit scores you get from these training courses will constantly be valuable for developing a specialist job.

Functions of edX

  • Video tutorials
  • Research study product Handouts
  • Interactive tests

EdX on the Google Play Store

2. Khan Academy

Khan Academy inevitably reserves a top place on the checklist of the best free instructional apps for pupils. The application’s mission is to offer free and world-class education and learning for all curious minds across the globe. Furthermore, we need to confess that they are delivering it pretty impressively. Khan Academy has a particular way to drive proficiency into your brains.

All lessons are available in the form of video clip tutorials. Videos display a recording of drawings on a digital chalkboard (like a teacher giving a lecture).

Khan Academy also provides online training courses to get ready for standardized examinations like SAT, MCAT, LSAT, etc.

Features of Khan Academy

  • Progress tracking
  • Practise exercises
  • Learning in several languages

Khan Academy on the Play Store

3. Google Classroom

Google Classroom for education

Google Classroom features

  • In schools, it helps teachers and students complete and submits homework and assignments.
  • Furthermore, teachers need to examine and also grade them at the earliest. Is this process as simple as it sounds?.

All of these procedures are exceptionally irritating for every person, to state the least. Would not it be incredible if there is a method to streamline these procedures? Google Class is the ultimate service to this. Google classroom is essentially a virtual type of class. That means we can use it for ideally sending out news, developing classes, starting discussions, submitting and score assignments, requesting comments and also responses, sharing resources, and more. It is likewise easy to establish a google classroom. Teachers share authentication codes with the class.

The students can join by simply getting in by using codes. That is all it takes to produce a virtual class.

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Features of Google Class

  • Improved communication
  • Improved organization
  • Faster grading process

Google Class on the Play Store

4. Udemy

Udemy is probably one of the most useful knowing apps for students out there.

It has more than 130,000 video clip tutorials for courses varying from innovation and business to individual advancement lessons like attracting, writing, yoga exercise, etc. One more exciting thing is that we also get to discover these subjects at our pace. You can ask questions and clear your doubts with students and instructors if you feel stuck in some lessons.

Features of Udemy

  • Expert instructors
  • Conversations
  • Study designer
  • Interactive learning

Download on the Google Play Store

5. Photomath

photomath smart calculator

Mathematics has constantly been a perplexing subject for numerous students. Regardless of your age, mathematics can be a difficult hurdle to deal with for numerous students. Well, those days more than now. Currently, anyone can learn to resolve any complicated mathematics issues extremely quickly utilizing an app called Photomath. Plentiful data have provided Photomath as one of the best learning applications for students. The Understanding process in Photomath is pretty simple. You take a photo of transcribed. The App itself teaches you how to solve those problems through step-by-step explanations and instructions.

Attributes of Photomath

  • Scan printed/handwritten problems
  • Numerous resolving techniques
  • Computer animated directions
  • Interactive graphs
  • Scientific calculator
  • No requirement for web

Download Photomath from Play Store

6. Quizlet

Quizlet has several effective methods to make finding out more straightforward and also quicker.

Out of the box, you will see numerous study modes buttons such as write, test, match, learn, flashcards, etc.bEach of these modes is various methods to discover your chosen subjects. The use of flashcards is one more specifying quality of Quizlet. Flashcards promote active recall, the procedure of actively stimulating memory during the understanding process. It is just one of the most effective methods available.

Quizlet has millions of readymade flashcards in the application. You can even make flashcards and share them with other students. Quizlet also consists of many gaming tasks to brush up on what you have learned. The App offers consistent research pointers progress checkpoints along the way.

Features of Quizlet.

  • Practice tests
  • Research study sets for standardized tests
  • Customized images as well as audio to boost discovering

Quizlet on the Google Play Store

7. Remind: School Communication

Remind School Communication

Group learning is an important method to fill in learning gaps in students. It is not always practical to get multiple students to gather under a single roof and study together. Remind application is the leading solution to this problem. Remind facilitates us to remain connected with our school community. You will receive regular updates on your classroom activities once you join this school community using an individual school or class code. Besides just students, this community also includes parents and teachers as well.

Functions of Remind

  • Instantaneous messaging
  • Share flyers, handouts, and photos
  • Conversation translations in 70+ languages

Download from the Google Play Store

8. Kahoot

Interactive tests can accelerate the learning process enormously. Students sense an unexplainable delight when they get the answers. In that respect, Kahoot is one of the best learning apps for those who prefer learning through quizzes. Kahoot has ready-made tests on any topic. You choose one topic and join live quizzes with other competitors. The application also allows you to rapidly create your tests and test your good friends to compete.

You can also utilize Kahoot for offline quiz competitions. The quizmaster or educator creates a quiz competitor on Kahoot and shows it to an interactive whiteboard or projector. Moreover, the gamers join the test utilizing a PIN and answer inquiries on the application itself. In the future, every test competition will undoubtedly be like this. Would not that be interesting?

Attributes of Kahoot

  • Easy game creation
  • Host real-time tests on cinemas
  • Have fun with 2000+ live entrants

Kahoot on the App Store

9. SoloLearn

solo learn - learn to code anytime, anywhere for free

The scope of coding as well as programming is broader than ever. If it were not for coding, we would not have numerous tech wizards like Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, Expense Gates, etc., in our world. SoloLearn is a paradise for coding aficionados.

Whether you are an expert or a beginner, soloLearn can obtain your coding juices flowing with its massive collection of free coding tutorials across languages like java, python, c++, speedy, PHP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and more. Application development is one such area where there is a continuous demand for coders. These languages are the foundation of numerous mobile app growth frameworks. So if you manage to discover them, task opportunities will be pouring in from all directions.

Features of SoloLearn

  • An interactive community of programmers
  • Tutorials on the latest coding trends
  • Free mobile code editor

Download SoloLearn from Play Shop

10. Duolingo

It takes enormous persistence and technique to discover new languages.

It is not everyone’s cup of tea. If the understanding strategies are not adaptive, we will quickly shed focus and interest. Nevertheless, Duolingo has made language learning a cake. It assists us in discovering numerous languages like English, French, Spanish, Mandarin, Latin, and so on enjoyably and interactively. It begins with classic picture-labeling games.

As you complete even more degrees, various kinds of involving games will undoubtedly enhance your vocabulary and grammar abilities. You can also create your everyday goals. The application likewise tracks your efficiency to offer understandings. If you succeed, you will receive XPs. The more XPs you obtain, the even more collections of interactive stories will be unlocked to boost your reading and listening knowledge.

Attributes of Duolingo

  • 30+ languages
  • Interactive stories
  • Discussion forum
  • Leaderboards for competitors
  • Language learning events

Download from the Google Play Store

These are several of the most effective cost-free educational applications that supply appealing and bespoke understanding experiences for all pupils. The impact of academic applications has likewise motivated many individuals to install mobile application developers to incorporate their effective education apps.



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