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  • Author: William Stallings
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  • Publisher: Addison-Wesley Professional; 1st edition
  • Publication Date: July 19, 2018
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  • ISBN-13: 9780134772950, 9780134772806


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About The Author

William Stallings

William Stallings

Dr. William Stallings is a best-selling American author. He has written many textbooks on computer science topics such as computer networks, operating systems, computer organization, and cryptography. Stallings has authored more than 16 titles, and counting revised editions, a total of over forty books on various aspects of these subjects. In over twenty years in the field, he has been a technical manager, technical contributor, and an executive with several high-technology firms.

William received his PhD in computer science from MIT. He has also received the award for the best Computer Science textbook of the year from the Text and Academic Authors Association 3 times.

Currently he is an independent consultant whose clients have included computer and networking manufacturers and customers, software development firms, and leading-edge government research institutions.

The practical, comprehensive guide to applying cybersecurity best practices and standards in real environments

In Effective Cybersecurity: A Guide to Using Best Practices and Standards (PDF), the author William Stallings introduces the operational procedures, technology, and management practices needed for successful cybersecurity. Stallings makes extensive use of standards and best practices documents that are commonly used to guide or mandate cybersecurity implementation. Going beyond these, he provides in-depth tutorials on the “how” of implementation, incorporated into a unified framework and realistic plan of action.

Every chapter includes a clear technical overview, as well as a detailed discussion of action items and appropriate policies. Stallings provides many pedagogical features designed to assist readers to master the material: clear learning objectives, review questions, keyword lists, and QR codes linking to relevant web resources and standards documents.

Stallings’ Effective Cybersecurity aligns with the comprehensive Information Security Forum document “The Standard of Good Practice for Information Security,” extending ISF’s work with extensive insights from ISO, NIST, COBIT, other official standards and guidelines, and academic, modern professional, and industry literature.

  • Protect servers, virtualized systems, and storage
  • Mitigate security risks in supply chains and cloud environments
  • Implement the most appropriate methods for user authentication
  • Harden systems across the system development life cycle (SDLC)
  • Secure networks and electronic communications, from email to VoIP
  • Safeguard information and privacy, and make sure GDPR compliance
  • Describe security governance, assess risks, and manage strategy and tactics
  • Understand the cybersecurity discipline and the part of standards and best practices

This knowledge is crucial to every cybersecurity professional. Stallings presents it systematically and logically, making it practical and actionable.

NOTE: The product only includes Effective Cybersecurity: A Guide to Using Best Practices and Standards in PDF. No access codes are included.


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