Fraud Examination (6th Edition) – Testbank, Instructor Manual, Powerpoint Presentations

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  • Authors: W. Steve Albrecht, Conan C. Albrecht, Mark F. Zimbelman, Chad O. Albrecht
  • Includes: Testbank, Instructor manual and Powerpoint slides
  • Formats: ZIP (PDF, DOCX, PPTX)
  • Publisher: Cengage; 6th edition
  • Publication Date: May 3, 2018
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1337619671
  • ISBN-13: 9781337619677


About The Author

Chad O. Albrecht

Conan C. Albrecht

Mark F. Zimbelman

W. Steve Albrecht

This product includes Fraud Examination 6th edition testbank, instructor’s manual, and PowerPoint presentations. The ebook is not included in this sale but is available for purchase separately.

About the eBook

Learn to investigate, detect, identify, and prevent financial fraud today with the latest edition of Albrecht/Albrecht/Zimbelman/Albrecht’s Fraud Examination 6th edition. Develop excellent fraud detecting skills as you become a stronger and more skeptical document examiner, better interviewer, better technology user, and much more informed decision-maker.

Fraud Examination 6e presents today’s most essential and prevalent fraud concepts with an emphasis on the growing areas of cyber and business fraud. Significant discussion familiarizes you with forensic analysis as well as all the legal options for the victims of such fraud. A new discussion also highlights how experts use the latest technology to accomplish fraud, deception, detect deceit, and trickery, and avoid fraud.

P.S The ebook Fraud Examination 6th edition is also available for sale. See related products below

Note: This purchase only includes the Fraud Examination 6e testbank, instructor manual, and powerpoint presentations. No ebook or access codes included.


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