Non-Invasive Instrumentation and Measurement in Medical Diagnosis (2nd Edition) – PDF

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  • Author: Robert B. Northrop
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  • Publisher: CRC Press
  • Publication Date: October 24, 2017
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About The Author

Robert B. Northrop

Robert B. Northrop

Dr. Robert B. Northrop (late) was an Emeritus Professor at the University of Connecticut (U Conn). Earning his BS in Electrical Engineering from MIT in 1956, he came to the University of Connecticut at Storrs to continue his education. He was the original founding chairman of the department of biomedical engineering at U Conn. Dr. Northrop had been an active researcher and instructor in medical instrumentation for over 30 years. He has authored more than 10 textbooks and reference works related to instrumentation, signal processing, biomedical electronics, and genomics for biomedical engineers. He passed away in 2019

Non-Invasive Instrumentation and Measurement in Medical Diagnosis, 2nd Edition, (PDF) discusses NIMD as a rapidly growing, interdisciplinary field. The contents within this second edition etextbook is derived from Professor Robert B. Northrop’s experience teaching for over thirty-five years in the Biomedical Engineering Department at the University of Connecticut. The PDF ebook focuses on the instruments and procedures which are used for non-invasive medical diagnosis and therapy, highlighting why NIMD is the preferred procedure, whenever possible, to avoid the risks and expenses associated with surgically opening the body surface. This second edition also covers a wide spectrum of NIMD topics including x-ray bone densitometry by the DEXA method; optical interferometric measurement of nanometer tissue displacements; tissue fluorescence spectroscopy; laser Doppler velocimetry; pulse oximetry; and applications of Raman spectroscopy in detecting cancer, to name a few.

This ebook is intended for use in an introductory classroom course on Non-Invasive Medical Instrumentation and Measurements taken by seniors, juniors, and graduate students in Biomedical Engineering. It will also serve as a reference book for medical students and other health professionals intrigued by the topic. Practicing physicians, nurses, physicists, and biophysicists interested in learning state-of-the-art techniques in this critical field will also find this textbook valuable. Non-Invasive Instrumentation and Measurement in Medical Diagnosis 2e concludes with an expansive index, bibliography, as well as a comprehensive glossary for future reference and reading.

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