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  • Authors: Dennis Howitt, Duncan Cramer
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  • Length: 576 pages
  • Publisher: Pearson Education; 5th edition
  • Publication Date: Dec 13, 2016
  • Language: English
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  • ISBN-13: 9781292134277


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About The Author

Dennis Howitt

Dennis Howitt

Dr. Dennis Howitt is a British psychologist. He is a professor in Applied Psychology at Loughborough University and the author of numerous psychology textbooks including Research Methods in Psychology 5th edition and Introduction to Qualitative Research Methods in Psychology 3rd edition among many others. He is a chartered forensic psychologist and a Fellow of the British Psychological Society. His publications also include books on statistics, computing and methodology.

Dennis got his undergrad degree in psychology at Brunel University in 1967 and earned his PhD. at the University of Sussex. In 1970 he became Research Officer at Leicester University's Centre for Mass Communication Research. Howitt's research career began with the study of mass communications, especially with reference to violence, crime, and pornography, but he has since broadened his research to the application of psychology to social issues.

Duncan Cramer

Clear, comprehensive, and practical, Introduction to Research Methods in Psychology, 5th edition (PDF) is the essential university student guide to understanding and undertaking quantitative and qualitative research in psychology. In this popular textbook for psychology students, the research process is broken down into manageable steps to equip students with the skills to carry out a literature review, ask very intelligent research questions, choose an appropriate research design, carry out data collection and write up their findings. Throughout the ebook, research examples are discussed which offer an insight into how research advances our understanding in areas such as social, educational, forensic, and abnormal psychology. Revised throughout, this new 5th edition includes a new chapter on ‘Data Analysis Issues and Scientific Progress’ which explores complexities in research, discussing issues such as questionable research practices and replication studies. A further new chapter, ‘Improving a Qualitative Write Up’ provides guidance and advice on how to write-up a qualitative study with a detailed illustrative example of this. This is the ideal guide for all students just beginning and those moving on to more advanced research methods projects in psychology.

New to this Edition

·    New chapter ‘Data Analysis Issues and scientific progress’ explores complexities in research, discussing issues such as questionable research practices and replication studies.

·    New chapter ‘Improving a Qualitative Write Up’ offers advice on how to prepare a high-quality qualitative research report and includes an illustrative example of how to write-up a qualitative study.

Key features:

·    ‘Practical advice’ boxes give handy hints and tips on how to carry out research in practice

·    ‘Research Examples’ at the end of each chapter put research methods in a real-world context.

·    ‘Key ideas’ are highlighted to help psychology students grasp and revise the main topics and concepts.

·    ‘Talking Points’ address some of the controversial issues to critically engage students with debates in the field.

·    Examples of published research with ‘how to’ advice and guidance on writing up reports, helps students to develop a practical, as well as theoretical, understanding.

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